This illustration was created as fan art in anticipation of the new Star Wars film coming out on December 15, 2016.

Who says Villains can't have all the fun?

I love this house! It is located in Los Angeles, California and is known by the locals as the "Witches House."

This Lion King Parade Float was concept art originally created for a Disney parade in Panama.

This digital illustration of Captain Hook from Walt Disney’s Peter Pan was created as a piece of fan art for a fan of the film.

This illustration of the Cheshire Cat from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland was created as a piece of fan art for a die hard fan.

This digital illustration was created as Fan Art for a Guest visiting the Walt Disney World Parks & Resorts.

When meeting with the lead Art Director, we determined the overall direction of this project was definitely fun and exciting as Wreck-It Ralph is a dynamic movie with a vibrant backdrop.

This illustration was created as Fan Art for a project I was tasked to work on as Project Manager.

While re-creating this scene from the film Cinderella, I studied the styles each animator used to create this animated film that Disney produced. I concentrated on the values of the coach while softening the surrounding landscape.

Sleeping Beauty is the 16th animated film in the Walt Disney Animated Classic series and the Disney artist responsible for the dreamlike backgrounds was Eyvind Earle.