Beauty and the Beast - Social Media Moms 2017

Another great project down on the books! Because of the success of Alice Through the Looking Glass, I was asked to create a scenic display that would showcase the costumes worn by the real actors from the upcoming film Beauty and the Beast, starring Emma Watson.

For this project I found elements to compliment the ballroom scene as well as the creepy forest scenes. Items included pastel flowers inside hand painted cream and gold pots. I also spent a great deal working with local sources to re-create the creepy trees that Gaston and his friends race through on their hunt to find the Beast.

In addition to re-creating these scenes, I also put my carpentry skills to the test and re-created a smaller version of the rose table that Beast displayed inside the cold frosted section of the West Wing. Theatrical lighting helped to create a dramatic space and overall the area was a huge success and, once again, our Guests found a great opportunity to take some amazing photographs! (Click on image to enlarge)