Disney Springs - Princess Meet & Greet

For a few weeks in October 2016, Guests had the opportunity to visit a Disney Princess at a Meet & Greet located just inside World of Disney at Disney Springs!

Flowers, rich velvet burgundy drapes, and plush furniture were set in a room approximately 20' x 14', including a velvet roped queue line which invited Guests into an immersive environment where they were treated with royalty.

In order to make this place inviting, I researched several film stills from movies such as Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty in order to create a place where all the Princesses could meet and get photographs with our Guests. My favorite part was being able to re-create scenes from the films by illustrating them, printing them onto a transparent material, and adhere them inside shining oversized gold frames that adorned each of the walls. Although the site was only a brief, yet special opportunity, Guests loved this attraction as it hosted nearly a thousand people each day throughout the month of October 2016. (Click on image to enlarge)